• Friday, September 20, 2019 at 06:00 PM · 35 rsvps

    Building Power for the Common Good - September 2019

    This workshop will delve into exploring a tried and tested framework for bringing about transformative change.

    "I sat in a room on a sunny spring Saturday with members and organizations from all walks of life. In many ways, we are so very different from each other and yet we discovered the ways in which we are united. We listened to each other respectfully and really connected in a deeply personal way. Tears and laughter abounded. Many of us spoke of our concern for future generations. I spoke of my desire for my nieces, nephews and young friends to feel heard and respected. When I think of the world they will grow up in, I feel fear and sadness. These tiny amazing people deserve a better world than this –  I want to be part of creating that for them."

    Courtney Baldwin of the UVic Graduate Students' Society attended our spring training


    Through exploring the traditions and values of our labour, faith, community, environmental and educational organizations, we'll learn how to create strong foundations to be able to hold government and corporate interests in Greater Victoria to account.

    We'll learn about the need to build relationships with diverse organizations in order to have the power to win. You will have the chance to practice some of the fundamental tools of relational organizing.

    We'll show you how these tools can help strengthen your organization and engage your members. We'll take you on the journey to understand how these tools will lead us to concrete, winnable action.


    Friday 20th:

    6:00PM - 9:00PM


    Saturday 21st:

    9AM - 4PM

    Please bring a bag lunch or be prepared to go to a nearby cafe or Hillside Mall for lunch. There are no campus services on a Saturday.

    It is important to attend both Friday eve and Saturday day. We promise to start on time and end on time.


    FREE for member organizations. $50 for non-member organizations (fee can be deducted from your dues when you join).

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