Flossie Is Moving On.

Our organizer, Flossie Baker is stepping back from GVAT.

Below is a message from her:

“Dear GVAT,         

As many of you know, it is with a heavy heart I have decided to step back from GVAT due to delays with my visa. I have a good candidacy but the wait time is still predicted to be 4 months (at least) from now.                              


Since I know that GVAT is well on the way to a thriving and exciting future, it is a good time for GVAT to move forward and find my successor. If my visa allows, I will be very open to being on hand to help with the transition if that would be useful.


In the meantime, I am gratified to hear that new leaders are stepping forward and will be guided by the expert support from the IAF Network. Together, united, I know that you will sustain that audacious vision of the World As It Could Be and continue to strive for it everyday.               


It has been my honour and my vocation to be your organizer. My life is so much richer for knowing you - all of the stirring conversations, the discussions, the laughter, the tension, the rehearsals, the performances, the imagining, the flip chart(!). It has culminated in the most remarkable two years.                         


I will write more again soon and hope to thank you in person in the coming weeks. Until then, Flossie”


Please come and say your farewells to Flossie - please mark your calendar for 7:30 PM Thur Feb 7. Location tbd.

We are calling a StratHub meeting shortly to operationalize carrying on with the important work that is needed. We are going to accelerate the amazing momentum we have been building so we hope that those who are able will step up to offer more help!






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