2018 here we come!

We are gearing up for an incredible year ahead. The momentum is building!

Firstly, we’d like to celebrate that we have 16 signed up, dues-paying, SPECTACULAR organizations!

  • BC Government and Service Employees' Union
  • St. John the Divine Anglican Church
  • St Patrick’s Catholic Church
  • Sierra Club BC
  • BC Sustainable Energy Association
  • Camosun College Students Society
  • Indigenous Perspectives Society
  • Our Place Society
  • Congregation Emanu-El
  • Shambhala Meditation Centre
  • The Sisters of St. Ann
  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society
  • First Unitarian Church of Victoria!
  • AIDS Vancouver Island
  • Greater Victoria Teachers Association
  • Holy Cross Catholic Church

First Unitarian's Rev. Melora Lyngood gave an inspiring talk on Sunday Jan. 14th about the Power of Coalition.

Here is an excerpt:

“It’s no longer the norm for generations of families to all live, play and work in the same neighborhoods; supporting one another through the institutions of civil society: schools, faith groups, community centres.

Many of us are transient folks, moving over our lifetime from place to place. Commuting to work in cars. Less connected with our neighbours than ever before. We may choose to stay in touch with a few select friends or relatives but there isn’t that sense of connection with those with whom we share our neighbourhoods, our cities, our world. And so, when things go wrong in our neighbourhoods, our cities, our world, some of us can feel helpless and disempowered. What’s it like for you? When you think of what’s happening to our planet? When you think what people are doing to each other through war, racism or xenophobia, harassment and abuse of all kinds, systems that keep people trapped in poverty and addiction, how do you feel?

When you think of the next generation, those delightful, complex little people…when you think of the world they will have to navigate. What do you feel? I feel fear and sadness.

These feelings often co-mingle with overwhelm and helpless. I don’t think I’m alone…"

...You're not alone, Rev. Melora!


You can download and listen to the whole thing here. It is well worth it, we promise!

Is your organization thinking seriously about membership? Please reach out!

Harrison Winter School

Greater Victoria Acting Together and Metro Vancouver Alliance traveled to Harrison Hot Springs to teach a session on relational organizing at the BC Government Employees Winter School.

We spent the morning teaching stewards some of the tools of relational organizing that can be used practically to increase solidarity and bargaining power and - of course, member engagement.

Coming up!

Community organizing for change workshop

This workshop will delve into exploring a tried and tested framework for bringing about transformative change.

Through exploring the traditions and values of our labour, faith, community, environmental and educational organizations, we'll learn how to create strong foundations to be able to hold government and corporate interests in Greater Victoria to account.

We'll learn about the need to build relationships with diverse organizations in order to have the power to win. You will have the chance to practice some of the fundamental tools of relational organizing.

We'll show you how these tools can help strengthen your organization and engage your members. We'll take you on the journey to understand how these tools will lead us to concrete, winnable action.

Join us!

Saturday Feb 24th 9 – 5pm. Wilna Thomas Cultural Centre, Camosun College (Lansdowne Campus)

FREE for member organizations. $50 for non-member organizations (fee can be deducted from your dues when you join).

Childcare/ travel bursaries available.

Register your place: http://www.gvat.ca/building_power


A Community Response to the Opioid crisis.

We are hearing that many of GVAT’s member organizations are deeply concerned by the different ways they are experiencing the opioid crisis.

It's time to come together. To hear each other's stories of how this issue is affecting our members. To educate ourselves on its different dimensions. To build cross-sector relationships and to lay important groundwork for potential action in the future.

Join us for an evening of learning, discussion and reflection.

Monday, March 12th. 7pm - 8:30pm. Shambhala Meditation Centre, 1-2033 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 3Z7

Let us know you're coming.Space is limited. Register at: http://www.gvat.ca/opioid_crisis


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