Going Public; An Organizer’s Guide to Citizen Action. Michael Gecan, Anchor Books (Random House), c 2002.
Annotation: “If you want to know how ordinary Americans accomplish extraordinary things - build affordable homes, create effective schools, win living wages- then the story and the strategy reside in this remarkable book.”(Samuel G. Freedman)
Descriptors: Broad based organizing, Social Change, Community Change, Saul Alinsky, Industrial Areas Foundation, Radicals, Grass Roots Organizing, Human Scale Democracy, Mike Gecan,
Available from: Intern Organizer’s Bookshelf , St. John the Divine Church.

The Democratic Promise: Saul Alisky & His Legacy. indieflix DVD film 57 minutes, c2000.
Annotation: This film examines the life and legacy of the controversial organizer Alinsky and his modern-day legacy. The first half of the program chronicles the Chicago-based organizer Saul Alinsky and three key Alinsky organizations to show how his techniques developed over time including The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, in Chicago's blighted stockyards in the 1930's. By forming an unprecedented coalition between the Catholic Church and the Meatpackers Union, Alinsky was able to force several landmark concessions from the meatpacking industry. These three organizations show how Alinsky's ideas, in turn, influenced the civil rights movement, the farmworkers struggle and many Vietnam era political protests. The second half of the program jumps forward to the late 1990's and examines two contemporary 'peoples organizations' that are part of the Industrial Areas Foundation - a national network.
Descriptors: Broad based organizing, Saul Alinsky, Industrial Areas Foundation.
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Roots for Radicals: Organizing for Power, Action, and Justice. Edward T. Chambers 2003
Annotation: Roots for Radicals is a distillation of the IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation) philosophy and its unique approach to community organizing. The IAF is the oldest and largest institution for community organizing in the United States. For sixty years, its mission has been to train people to take responsibility for solving the problems in their own communities and to renew the interest of citizens in public life. The IAF, now headed by the author, Edward T. Chambers, has taken founder Saul Alinsky's original vision, refined it, and created a sophisticated national network of citizens' organizations. One of the key activities is its 10-day training sessions for community organizers.
Descriptors: Broad based organizing, Edward T. Chambers, Industrial Areas Foundation.
Available from: Gord Stuart 250 477-6952 or  Notes

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