Greater Victoria Acting Together is dedicated to the organization of a broad-based coalition of local groups and community organizations to advance the common good.

GVAT member groups share a concern for civil society values. By learning and acting together, we can transform our communities.

We are non-partisan, prepared to work with all decision makers in the public and private sectors to advance our members’ shared priorities.

Our focus is relational learning and capacity building. Relationships are strengthened as we learn about our members’ dreams, aspirations and the barriers they see standing in their way. Through this democratic process, emerging leaders are identified and issues that concern us all are brought into sharp focus.

Well-researched, winnable actions are advanced through the power of numbers. This systematic process allows us all to learn about our communities and to identify, nurture and support new leaders. We can build a foundation for long-term, systemic change towards a society that better reflects our values.

You’re warmly invited to attend a GVAT information meeting or contact us for further information on how your group can contribute to this united effort for the common good – please see our Events page.